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Survey: Your source of (popular) culture?

Asked by Unit134679 (96points) December 2nd, 2008

What is your source for the latest in culture, whether popular or not.

Specify source, popular or not, gender, and approximate age

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The Internet.

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I’m sorry, but I’m not entirely sure I understand the question. Could you clarify, please?

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Radio Disney, of course.

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The ways I keep up with popular culcha are two:
– In waiting rooms, I always read the magazines I would never buy or subscribe to. They are full of people everybody seems to have heard of but me, all tricked out in their for-camera duds and smiles, with their SOs in tow, or tears, in the back seats of cars. How else would I have known about Angelina and Brad and Jennifer?
– At home I rely on two sons in their early twenties (and their assorted friends and passersby) to keep me up on slang and tell me what’s really retro. I have no problem with being really retro, myself, but it’s always interesting to know what’s regarded as totally cool. That’s how I learned to say “sucks” and “ghetto.”

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Drudge Report has a lot of current news items.

I don’t really keep up with the celebrity gossip though, if that is what is meant by popular culture.

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and word of mouth.
I’m a 20yo female.

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I get my news from,, and Failblog

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Some radio stations, local coffee shops and other shops like that, my friends, the world, the street, hearing random snippets of what other people say when I walk by, pretty much everywhere I go a I am surrounded by “popular” culture.

I’m 14
I’m a girl

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Yes, radio too. I listen to Sirius satellite radio where I am exposed to some uncensored and very interesting popular culture.

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Chuck Klosterman is good for a dose or two.

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@Eambos, specify. Internet is not a good answer.

@TheKitchenSink, I mean culture as in music, movies, art, fashion, etc.

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Oh. Well, Digg mainly, and word of mouth.

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Magazines, Internet, people around me.

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Digg, 4Chan and a hell of a lot of RSS feeds. That’s the main parts, i also get a lot from friends and colleagues

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magazines, people, internet.
i’m a 16 year old girl.

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My younger son; my oldest is nearly 30 (gasp!) and too old to be relied on. Oh – and Fluther. =P (I’m using that all the time now since “younger son” told me what it means!)

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