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How do I deal with this sleeping situation?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21467points) December 4th, 2008

My winter break is coming up soon and I have plans to visit a friend of mine on Cape Cod. I will be staying at least one night there because it is simply too far to drive back the same night (I live in CT). When I was talking to him, he insisted that I sleep in his bed and he take the couch because he has no guest room in his house. How do I convince him to sleep in his own bed and let me take the couch? While I do consider him a fairly good friend, we have not known each other for very long so I would be uncomfortable taking his bed. Also, I would just feel guilty pushing him out because I am the guest. Any advice/comments are welcome.

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Tell him honestly that you’d rather sleep on the couch. If he prods, there’s nothing wrong with telling him that you’d feel a bit uncomfortable sleeping in his bed, and that you’re more than happy with the couch. Just keep insisting on it till he concedes. A true host would respect your views and give you the couch. You can also threaten him with a bribe – tell him you’ll bring a delicious cake for dessert but you’ll eat it all yourself unless you have the couch to sleep on. This is a fun and delicious way to drive home the point.

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He may actually prefer to take the couch because it will put him in the public space of the house, give him access to the kitchen, run out to get baked goods while you are sleeping, enable him to tidy up, use the phone, and he won’t be walking in on you dressing, finding out if you snore or drool in your sleep, etc. In other words, you are more a better house guest if you sleep in his room, contained, than occupying the rest of the space with your sleeping presence, confining your host to his room.

Be equally gracious, take the bed, bring a nice host gift.

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Alfreda: What a smart cookie you are!!

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”. . so I would be uncomfortable taking his bed . . ”

Would it help any to ask him to provide a fresh set of bedding
(or bring your own)?

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take the bed! You have to get up and drive for a few hours. Be rested for the sake of your friend and yourself. Just bring a nice host gift. Take the bed. You need to be fresh on the road. My daughter could be on the same highway.

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Something tells me that when bed time rolls around (no pun intended) this “problem” will have worked its self out (again no pun intended).

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@lord: No, it’s not the cleanliness of the sheets that bothers me, I just don’t like the motivation. I’m pretty sure if a male friend was staying the night, he would not make the same offer.

@judo: Don’t worry, I’m a good driver. A car accident at a young age has ensured that. :)

@all: Well, it seems that taking the general consensus is that I should take the bed, though Alfreda Prufrock’s response was the most logical. Thanks everyone. :)

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I’d go with “bed.” Bit more privissy, wot? You’ll have night-time access to the powder-room as well.

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