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How do I make my hard drive read/write in Windows Vista?

Asked by teira (236points) August 31st, 2007

No googleable answer’s worked so far. My entire harddrive has been marked read-only, and when I unmark it, vista just sets it right back again. User account control is turned off, I’m an administrator, and everyone ever has been given full permissions on everything. I think the idea is that if I can’t write to my harddrive, I can’t get viruses?

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Hi there. I tried doing some research on this topic, but haven’t found much relevant information. I’m not trying to post a stupid, obvious answer, but if you still can, I HIGHLY recommend staying away from Vista. At least another year or so. The operating system is simply too new, you are acting as Microsoft’s guinea pig. The bugs are not worked out, it is insecure, and takes up LOADS of system resources. I would recommend using Windows XP Pro SP2.

Good luck with your search!

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I agree, stay away. It’s time for a Mac.

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It is a mac! Dual boot! I downgraded to XP since this question.

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