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How can I get the sound working on my PC (Vista) again?

Asked by wilson (63points) February 5th, 2009

After installing the software which came with a logitech webcam I bought, the sound on my computer has stopped working.

When I go into the sound manager and run the speaker test, it all sounds good, but any other sound (youtube video, game, etc.) doesn’t come through.

I’m not very adept with computers and haven’t a clue where to start. I’ve done a quick google search but couldn’t find anything.

Any ideas?

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Try restarting the computer.

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Thanks, @KrystaElyse, I’ve tried that, checking for updates and all plugs, etc. Nothing seems to work. I think I’ll throw the computer outside for awhile!

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Hmm… Have you tried here?

Oops, you said you already tried all that…Maybe you can call your hardware manufacturer for support?

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If you have a sound icon in the bottom right of your taskbar (looks like a speaker emitting waves) then right-click that and open up the mixer. Here you can see the sound levels from different sources. Check that none are set to mute.

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Naw, – @whackyrusty, thanks for the suggestion, but both the Realtek Digital Output and Windows Sounds are set at 100%.

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I had a similar problem with speakers and after thinking of doing the same thing (throwing it out the window) my hubby did something with the Windows Media Player and now it works. So give that a try.

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do a system restore and make sure you download latest driver for vista from logitech and make sure that vista is supported with no conflicts by checking logitech website.

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I recently had a similar problem when I was hooking my computer up to my television. The solution for me was to restore the digital output to the default. This is accomplished by going to the Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Sound. Simply select your default audio output (more than likely labeled “speakers”). Hope this helps.

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sounds like a glitch crept in. open up your volume manager and check for any mute boxes being checked, or the volume set way too low. this can happen at any time and it is almost always the problem, happens to me every few months, don’t know why…
go to your control panel and open up sounds and audio go to advanced and check out the mute boxes(and set up the icon for your task bar in case this happens again)

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Thanks @brycekerr, this worked!

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not a problem, it’s a glitch related to changing the digital output…it happens pretty much every time I try and hook it up to an external monitor/television

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If you go into control panel and under Hardware and Sound look for “manage audio devices” right click your normal sound card/speakers and choose “set as default device”.

If it is already the default device then you need to go into each application that is not using it and make sure they are using the default audio – whether this be your internet browser or other app.

Don’t forget to let us know if this worked for you. I usually get this problem after connecting a HDMI cable as the audio is then defaulted to the HDMI rather than my regular speakers.

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