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Who remembers the precursor to video games, choose your own adventure novels?

Asked by skabeep (927points) December 4th, 2008 from iPhone

I was just thinking back to my childhood…what happened to those things? Do they still make them? What are some good ones? Did anyone else used to love those things? I think I will buy some but I need recomendations

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I totally remember those. I thought it was amazing when goosebumps did em. Love the memories

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I don’t remember goosebumps doing it omg need to get that

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I always thought they were long winded. Like, okay, I fell off the cliff! Why do I have to read about it for four pages?

Then again, I had video games too… Guess that’s the old ADD talking…

Speaking of which, this remind me of the movie Big, where Tom Hanks blended the two ideas together.

Haha. I need to not remember so many subplots from bad movies…

ADD? What? Nooo….

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I love those! I’m of fan of the Goosebumps, myself…I like to stop by Wonderbook and pick out a few from time to time. =)

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I wish I could think of the names of ones I had as a kid

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willbrawn and flyaway: I’m right there with you on the Goosebumps thing. Anyone else seen this?

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I used to try and read those choose your adventure book by checking a few pages into the choices so that i didn’t get stuck.

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I used to love those! I had a ton. I was cleaning my room last summer while on the phone with a really good friend and I read it out loud to her, letting her make the choices. It was a weird, but fun way to pass the time.

Also, in my high school literary magazine, someone wrote one about the school where (not dissimilar from the book) every ending had you getting kicked out of school. Unless you were super, super boring and chose “blow off your friends to study” every time.

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Yep. Good school bus reading.

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@macbean thanks for the great link those take me waaay back

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Yes yes I love them! I had really cool ones with like math and logic puzzles in them too, not just choosing which way to go. I remember there was one about bubblegum and aliens… and one about a town that only appears at certain times… hours of entertainment!

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I have one, but have never even opened it.

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I just bought $100 worth on amazon LOL tried barnes but apparently they’re out of print

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Mine is listed on Amazon but you didn’t buy it. Gee whiz!

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what book?

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i remember the goosebumps ones! i wasn’t a reader of them but i thought they seemed coooool

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Yes The first was The Cave of Time, it made me seriously wonder about time travel, to bad I can’t remember any of the book.

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