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Do you remember the word you misspelled in an important spelling bee?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) December 4th, 2008

Just wondering—I think people remember the mistakes they make more than what they get right. And what may be the ramifacations of this for education?

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freezer. I spelled it F-R-I-Z-Z-E-R. I felt pretty dumb.

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Actually, no. It was braggadocio, and I got it right. Last one standing.

But, come to think of it, I do remember blowing “apology” in the fourth grade—felled by that second o. I was mortified, and I never misspelled it again.

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magazine… spelled megazine… also in 4th grade, I tell ya I was the odds on favorite in Vegas… the books cleaned up

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beautiful in the 3rd grade. in front of the whole class :(

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Stupid Ginger Stewart got “merry” for the win.


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Guardian. Spelled it gaurdian. 2nd place (countywide!) to Jacob Bighead. He rode my bus in middle school. I never forgave him.

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I HATE GINGER STEWART TOO. Let’s all hate Ginger Stewart, shall we? I bet that’s not the only thing she did, either. History? Math? I think she was in a lot of my classes. She was definitely in my PE classes.

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I always won them. I don’t recall ever misspelling a word.

Of course, these were only minor ones, so they weren’t SUPAH HARD words.

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I find it interesting u all remember these words, lol. I forgot mine, I won for the sixth grade and then lost against the 7th and 8th grade winners over a rule. We were allowed to say “excuse me” and restart spelling in the initial competition, so I tried to do it on my first turn because I’d gotten nervous and mixed my letters. When I tried to start over, they said that was against the rules, which was stupid because I ended up spelling the word right anyway. I cried :(

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oh, but i made up for it the next two years and won both school competitions. :)

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all right.

what a trick! I attempted to spell it in one word… alright.

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3rd grade—Disk—I spelled it D-I-C-K. Oops.

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I competed in two, won both. But can I still Hate Ginger Stewart, as well? BTW, I won with derogatory…not to be associated with some answers found here on Fluther; and obeisance, which is what we do to gailcalled and the mods; correct? :)

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I royally fucked up because of nerves. The word was “Sheriff.” I panicked and said “H-, no, S-H-E-R-I-F-F,” which was a violation of the rules and my ass was out of there.

It was really traumatizing. But I made up for it with an excellent showing at the Geography Bee.

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Way to redeem yourself, tonedef!

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Actually, Ginger Stewart and I played “doctor” on occasion, so I suppose I should consider that a fair deal.

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kevbo, can you spell divine justice?

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4th grade was 33 years ago! I don’t remember the word. But I do remember that it was the first time I ever spoke into a microphone, and I laughed at the sound of my own voice through the PA system.

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Uh-oh, @Kevbo, I mistook your sentiment as I HATE GINGER STEWART when it was really i hate ginger stewart. In that case I’ll just declare against gingerstewartlike people. You know, the ones that walk in and get handed effortlessly whatever it was that you worked your tail off for and didn’t get.

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Mayonnaise. 7th grade. I got second place. I have never been so angry before.

How the hell does a 13 year old misspell mayonnaise?!

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I do not misspell. End of story.

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in 3rd grade, it was me and one other person, who, frankly, i was smarter than. his name was evan. so i misspelled “restaurant.” i knew it had a “u” in it. I spelled it restaraunt. i couldn’t believe i lost. i thought “I’ll remember that spelling for the rest of my life!!”

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I always messed up the first word on purpose so I could sit out and not worry about it anymore. I’m a terrible speller, so I knew I wouldn’t win anyway. It never seemed worth it to have to stand there and mess up later, rather than sooner.

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