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How is 2nd hand smoke more deadly than 1st hand?

Asked by xgunther (446points) August 31st, 2007 from iPhone
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I’m not sure how true that is, but I recently found out that one of the worst things about cigarettes, is the fertilizer they use to grow tobacco for the US breaks down to radioactive polonium and lead. This is the reason for tumors and cancer. Think of that next time someone lights up around you.

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I think the simpsons touched on this issue with the “tommaco” episode

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Your breathing carbon monoxide and it goes into your lungs just as if you’re smoking yourself. My stepmother died of lung cancer never having smoked a cigarette in her life, just my Dad’s second hand smoke.

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I just bought my wife the new Clue game for her birthday. In the update version you will find a new and fascinating weapon, a single cigarette.

I smoke pipe tobacco and Dominican Republic cigars on occasion.

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offtopic…but a game a Clue sure sounds fun..

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i freakin love clue.

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