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How long will gas prices stay this low?

Asked by jeremylittle (13points) December 7th, 2008
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The price for regular went up 3 cents during the night in this area (30 miles North of Seattle). I don’t know if the bubble has burst or just shifting around a bit.

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It went down 1 cent here over night in West Virginia.

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The gas prices might stay low for a long time if president elect Obama does much better than Bush ever did when dealing with countries that we buy our oil from. I could be completely wrong on this but it’s just an opinion on my part.

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I hope for a long time as it is the only bright spot in an otherwise bleak economy.

Who knew that refueling the car would be therapy.

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I’m this close to buying a tank of gas for a stranger next time at the pump. Based on $4 gas, I’d still come out ahead.

$1.45/gal. this morning at Costco in DFW: 08DEC2008.

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