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Wheres the best place to get a quality computer/workstation for cheap right now?

Asked by Vertexgod (29points) November 16th, 2006
Need it for games/design/3D Art, basically high end stuff so I need a good system, customized, and want to get the best price I can online.
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I think Dell/AMD match is the best value right now...
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You could get an AMD X2 3800 with a 1 gig of ram, for $400, and then put in a pimp gfx card
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Good deals (on the cheaper end) can ofter be found at
gsiener's avatar has a lot of deals as well
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You could try piecing one together from online stores. and have great prices. But, you would have to find your own copy of windows and put the system together.
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building it yourself (or with help). You can save A LOT of money by not having to buy the extraneous *ahem* that PC manufacturers include with all their systems.

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