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When is "next "Monday?

Asked by kevin (24points) November 15th, 2006
Especially if today is Wednesday. Is next Monday always the Monday following this Monday, as some people insist it is? Or does the "next" mean next week, whereby "next Monday" = "this Monday" in this case?
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if today is wednesday, then next monday is this monday
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if today is friday though, then next monday is a week from monday
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And what if its Thursday, and Friday is a holiday? What then?
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where's the logic in it? seems too tied up in how people perceive it, and the nonsensical language we try to express it in. gr.
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I always take "next Monday" to mean the next Monday coming up on the calendar. Unless it's Sunday, then "next Monday" would be the following Monday because the next day is just "tomorrow".
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The phrase is ambiguous. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. It doesn't always mean one or the other.
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It's Tuesday.
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This is a North America / Europe question, because it seems to me when I lived in Europe, next meant the upcoming one. Whereas here, it more often meant the one following the one upcoming.....Just ask the date - that's how I always solve it, "Oh you mean next Monday as in like 10 days? Or the one in four?" Better ask than be a week late!! To me, this Monday is the closest one, and next is the one after.

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To add to the confusion, here in New Zealand, people say "Monday week" to mean the Monday a week from now. \/\/

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Maybe next Monday is next Monday will it still be next Monday or just another Monday?

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I always use the phrase this coming to avoid confusion.

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