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When are people going to ask "best-of-2008" questions?

Asked by johnnyknoxville08 (237points) December 10th, 2008

i mean, it’s december, the 2 k 8 is abouts to be over.
(get ur kicks in while it’s still ‘08, ‘cause ‘09 is going to be a grind)
so when am i going to get to tell you my fav album/film/news story of 08??

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I guess “people” just did ask! :-)

My best: Election Night.

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I thought you meant ‘Best of 2008— Fluther questions.’

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Ooh, that’d be fun – nominating the best questions of the year.

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It has been fun.

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Doh!!! Gone for a couple days, and see what I miss. And make myself look silly. Thanks Nimis!

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No problem, Trustinglife.
Been playing a bit of catch-up myself too.
Still really behind!

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