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Another dream. Another recurring theme. Broken toilets?

Asked by kevbo (25649points) December 10th, 2008

I notice now that I have recurring dream elements that include toilets that are broken, misplaced, dirty or otherwise not useful. Some are located right out in the open offering no privacy. Some are filled to the brim with water and shit. Some are overflowing, and the rooms they are in are covered in a layer of (shit)water. Some are dirty. This morning one bathroom stall had a giant water pipe crossing over the seat which left it unusable (as were all the others in that bathroom). Oh, and some require awkward sitting positions because, for example, the surrounding area has been built up with plywood or something.

And, it’s not as if I urgently need to go to the bathroom. More that I’m just looking for one to use and get shut down for one reason or another at every turn.

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I know that I’m staying out of your dreams.
I keep thinking of that scene in Trainspotting

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WEIRD!!! I have the same recurring dream!!!

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I always have those dreams. I always have to go to a bathroom in my dream and they are always jacked up. Sometimes I even dream about the same bathrooms more than once.

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Kevbo: Do you have some metaphorical shit in your life that you are trying to dispose of?

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Or to take the psychoanalysis even further, do you have any shit in your life you’d like to keep private but it’s coming out in the open?

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Oh, that’s good.

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This is according to a dream interpreting website I found:

To see a toilet in your dream, symbolizes a release of emotions or getting rid of something in your life that is useless. The dream may also be brought about by your full bladder and is attempting to get you up and go to the bathroom. If you are cleaning the toilet, then it means that you are starting to shed your shell or lose your inhibitions.

To see a clogged toilet in your dream, signifies that you are holding and keeping your feelings to yourself. Your emotions have been pent up too long and you need to let go of the negative feelings.

To see an overflowing or flooded toilet in your dream, denotes your desires to fully express your emotions

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i used to have a fear of public toilets so yes i have had this dream.
Once, I was in a bathroom and I flushed a toilet, and it had crap in it and it overflowed. I slipped on the gushing water and felt some of it go in my mouth. I am over it now though.

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@loser & jess- wow & weird! Glad I’m not alone.

@all (esp munky), great suggestions. I think the mystery is solved. I probably have some, uh, stuff to get out of my system.

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And here I was thinking it may be time for kevbo to get a prostate exam!

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That is on the list.

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… stuff to get out of your system except: the place you’d like to put it isn’t accepting it.

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I find it funny that the human dream-state, unconscious, whatever you wanna call it, mind equates harboring negative feelings with needing to take a dump. I suppose their both things that need getting rid of. And when you’re through it feels much better. But getting rid of feelings doesn’t smell so bad. (usually).

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