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Why are the effects from massages so fleeting?

Asked by andrew (16358points) December 11th, 2008

I love getting massages. Love them. They feel great. Especially as I’m getting them.

Why, though, every time I go to sleep after getting a massage, am I all achy, and feel about the same as I did before I got the massages?

I have pretty darn good use, so I don’t think it’s they way I hold my body day-to-day that has to do with the ephemeral effects.

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I had a deep tissue massage once that was so intense I was seeing actual images – like snippets of time of all sorts of random things – as my muscles were being kneaded. The experience was so intense that it affected the way I now understand memory and where it all gets stored/triggered. I think regular massage can help relax and heal your body but it is part of a context. You might say the same thing about a workout- fleeting but still good for you.

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I get a fantastic massage once or twice a month – I have bone spurs on the inward-facing edge of my middle spine, so my muscles feel perpetually tweaked in that area.

Exercise helps, massage helps. I wish there was a permanent fix, but I’ll take momentary relief over nothing.

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I have fibromyalgia, and used to back when I had more disposable income get massages regularly. It felt great for a few hours afterwards, then I’d feel like hell for the night. Next day, I’d wake up refreshed and relaxed. Generally it left me feeling better for a week or two. I also equated it to a workout. A little pain for a lot of gain! This Q reminds me, I have a gift certificate for a massage! Must use that ASAP.

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