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Guys, what do you do about the "splatter" that ricochets off a urinal?

Asked by ketoneus (1169points) September 4th, 2007

What’s worse guys, feeling the splatter on your bare legs when using a public urinal in the summer time (and you’re wearing shorts)? Or, knowing that the same splatter is happening during the rest of the year and just getting your pants dirty without you consciously knowing it? Sorry for the gross question but this is something that bothers me every summer.

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I’m going to go with bare leg splatter. Pant leg spaltter is no worse to me than imagining all the germs on my trousers from sitting on a park bench, or a subway seat. Then again I live in NY, so my filth standards have readjusted by necessity, else I’d go mad.

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Definitely the shorts-splatter. Interestingly enough, I had this thought about a week ago. Great question.

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Splatter…? you stand too close!

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