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What is this white spot on my tooth?

Asked by Rayiscool (55points) September 4th, 2007 from iPhone

I have had braces for 3 years now and a few weeks ago I noticed a white spot on my front tooth. It hasn’t gone away. Anyone know what it could be? or how to get rid of it? I searched around but couldn’t get a straight answer. Its whiter than the rest of the tooth.

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I got my braces off about…15 years ago, and I still have little white spots on my 2 front teeth. They’re not so noticeable unless you are really looking for them. So if you figure out how to get rid of them, I’d love to know too!

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Very often the white mottling can be caused by fluoride treatment at the dentist’s office (when you have the gel encased in those gadgets, bite into them and glue your upper and lower jaws closed for 4 minutes). I have friends w. young children who have the mottling. Last I heard, there wasn’t much to be done. But of course, ask your dentist.

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if its after braces the white spots can be caused because your attachment points protected those spots from staining. Try crest whitening strips to fade the area around the white spots.

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I had uv whitning done at my dentists office and it made all my teeth an even bright white, they even did a porcelain insert on one tooth and matched it to that.

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it could also not be related to the braces, but mineral content, excess flouride, or even a cavity—read this:

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Decalcification. If you whiten/bleach your teeth it will even out.

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too much FLOURIDE!

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I too have seen young adults with the mottling; their dentists all agree that flouride was the culprit. But they had few or no cavities.

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hey my name is gina. please im only 12 and i have a bad headcold. My teeth have always been good and i have braces. Ive never had white spots on my teeth before. At night i do breath out of my mouth. But this morning i woke up and there were white spots all over my 2 front teeth. and the bad this is i smile non stop! please help me i just want to be a kid and not known for these spots. When will they go away. Please help me i go back to school in 6 days. please help me :(

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