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how to access a modem behind a linksys WRT router?

Asked by zarnold (695points) September 4th, 2007

I’ve got a versalink 327W dsl router/modem combo that I have plugged into a linksys router’s “internet” ethernet port. I’m not sure what kind of internal ip address is assigned to the device in that port, and I would like to be able to access the modem’s web interface through the wrt router with dd-wrt firmware installed if possible.

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your problem here is that you’re going through two routers (the one built into your modem and the linksys) which effectively creates a firewall between your computer and the modem/router. why do you need two routers? switch the routing capability off on your linksys and let the modem do NAT, and then your computer will be on the same subnet as your modem. then, just look at the ip address your computer has been given to determine the ip address of the modem itself. (it’ll be x.x.x.1)

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good question sam – the only reason I have the WRT is for the 802.11g support, and becuase the dd-wrt formware has excellent DNS support, and I occasionally run RDP/FTP/SSH/HTTP servers for personal use.

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but can’t the WRT broadcast a 802.11 network without doing NAT? alternately, tell the modem not to do NAT, and put everything on your network behind the WRT so there’s no need to tinker with the modem…

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