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Asus 900 vs 901?

Asked by cschack (227points) December 15th, 2008

I’ve been curious about the difference between the Asus 900 and 901 models. Some say battery life is far better on the 901 because of more efficient chips, hence the higher price, but I’ve been wondering if anyone has any real-life experience with one that they can share? Is there a huge difference, and is the price hike worth it? I’m interested in one for travel purposes – basically send/receive email, read the news and back up my whatever photos I take. Thanks!

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I think the biggest difference is the type of processor. The 901 has the Atom processor which will make better use of the 3-cell battery. The Atom will out perform the celeron and not get as hot either with the type of metal it uses.

I would say if I were looking at all the Netbooks out there, one of the better choices are the MSI Wind.

It has a larger display, it’s LED with no glare, larger and more usable keyboard, has a 6-cell battery good for about 5 hours. Wireless N, and Bluetooth, windows XP, 160GB hard drive, and 1GB of RAM. And still weights less than 2.5lbs.

They also have a model with a 3-cell battery for 349.99 with no wireless N, bluetooth, and slightly smaller hard drive.

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also, I should note that I’ve owned an Asus 900, I made several typing errors when I would use my right pinky finger to hit any of the smaller keys. And if you let it sit on your lap, it did get very hot. Any netbook with an Atom processor would be a very good improvement.

I work at the micro center that I linked you to, I sell those things like crazy, it’s usually either the MSI wind, or the Acer One.

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Well, I have to admit I prefer the form factor of the eee, but I agree that a decent keyboard wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Hm. I must ponder this further. Thanks for you help!

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I got my wife the cheaper version of the MSI Wind for Christmas. She loves it. I want one of my own.

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