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I just bought a new asus eepc using linux, can I install some of the progs I used on my previous windows vista?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) June 13th, 2009

i.e. ;

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You can’t directly install a windows program on Linux. Your best bet is to see if the authors have released multi-platform downloads.You can find the answer to your questions directly on the websites for the product.
VLC is a cross platform media player, and will work fine on your eepc. I am not sure about the rest, you might want to do a little research.
Another option, when you are feeling more comfortable with Linux, is to give Wine a try.
P.S. How do you like your eepc so far?

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Just use the package manager to search for whatever program you want to install. If it’s not there, go the program’s actual website and see if they have a Linux version. If that fails, just do a google for ”<program name> <distribution name>” and see if anyone has gotten it working with wine.

Alternatively, you can use this fantastic site to find Linux alternatives to whatever piece of Windows software you want to run.

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post the list of software you want to use and ill tell you the alternative ;) or if there is a gnu-linux version ;)

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There is also software that allows you to run windows software called wine. It is not emulation, but for all purposes it seems like it… it provides the windows peices needed by applications made for windows to run. Unfortunately it has mixed results as it still does not do a perfect job.

There is also virtualization software which will allow you to install windows. There is Parallels and VMware which I think both have versions for linux. You will need a separate legal copy of Windows to install on the virtual machine.

However, your system may not have enough processor and memory to run those options. So they may not perform well or even run at all… wine may be your best choice, but again its a mixed bag as to whether it will run something or not.

I see someone already answered with wine…

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Don’t try Wine. Seriously, that should only be used as a last resort if you really need something and no alternative is available. It integrates really badly and is often a source of problems.

What Linux distribution is installed on your Eee? Xandros? I’m not sure how to install stuff on that, it seems quite complicated but this sounds like the best way on a quick scan.

Use that to install VLC (which is also available for Xandros) and to install alternatives to other software you used (Linuxappfinder is a good source).

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@b Well, considering that I just got it yesterday, I quite seem to be fond of it already even though I deeply disapprove in the aesthetics of its system, (which I believe is Linux Xandros). Its cost was very low, because it was affiliated to a telephone company in italy.

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@Anatelostaxus install ubuntu netbook remix. That will smooth things a bit

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@b I’m not totally disappointed with it. I still have to get accustomed to it all though..

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@Ivan I actually don’t know how to use the package manager.. this system’s a riddle for me. Yes, I payed attention to your and the others’ suggestions and have checked the individual sites for other platforms…cheers for that mate…
See, the problem is, while trying even to install the default programs in the pc and/or update them I get this (as I’ve posted in another question): Unmet dependencies. Try ‘apt-get -f install’ with no packages (or specify a solution).
I got some help from @b up there and so on…. I can’t seem to get it through..

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@arturodiaz well, let’s see…

divx player,
harmony assistant,
hijack this,
revo uninstaller,
wavepad sound editor,
switch sound file converter,
total image converter,

…mainly that’s the wishlist..
(by the way, thanks for your help mate ;)

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The package manager should gather all of the dependencies and install them for you. I’ve never used Xandros, I’m used to Debian based systems. To be honest, I have heard pretty bad things about the Xandros OS that comes pre-installed in the EeePC. If I were you, I would install a better distro like Ubuntu or something. You won’t have any trouble installing software with that.

How much storage does it have?

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—utorrent – deluge
—mediamonkey – banshee for gnome, amarok for KDE but works great too in gnome
—VLC, realplayer, divx player – well, VLC, great alternative Mplayer too
—harmony assistant – tux guitar or something like that.
—recuva – there are several linux tools for recovery although maybe not as easy as recuva, please prove me wrong
—idump – well i normally use rythmbox to listen music from my nano, im not sure it works on banshee.
—hijack this – does not apply on linux, there is really not a lot of spyware for this OS
—picasa – F-spot, there is a picasa for linux too, but this is application is better in my opinion
—revo uninstaller—the package manager rulez!!! does not apply on this OS
—wavepad – audacity
—swith sound converter – VLC can do this job
—CCcleaner – This tool does not apply on linux, crap does not get in the system like in windows.
—Ashampoo – Brasero, K3B
—Total image converter – there are several tools for this, gimp can do the job, nautilus image converter works great too.

Most software you used to keep windows in shape will not be required in linux as it is a system that does not require so much maintenance. Also as you wont be running a firewall, antivirus, defragmenter, antispyware, registry cleanter you will have more space and ram to do real stuff.

Good Luck! :)

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You will be running a firewall :)

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