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Any hot chocolate mavens out there?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21433points) December 15th, 2008

A few years ago, my grandmother got me this wonderful tin of hot chocolate for Christmas and I cannot remember the name of the brand. I believe it is an Italian brand, but I could be mistaken. the name starts with a B and it came in a green and brown striped square-ish tin with a removable lid. Can anyone help me? I’ve tried searching what i think the brand name is online (Bulgari) only to discover that it’s actually sells jewelry and clothing. I would have gone to my grandmother first, but she is almost blind and may not actually know the name of the company.

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I think Empress has got it! I just have a tip for all hot chocolate drinkers out there. Ignore the instructions to prepare it with hot water…use milk instead. It’s a world of difference, and makes even cheap hot chocolate taste great!

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Thank you both! And Augustlan, you’re completely right! Milk makes even the cheapest hot chocolate taste wonderful!

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Gharidelli hot choc mix is the best!

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