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How do I opt out of fluther?

Asked by kendigten (7points) December 16th, 2008
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Fluther doesn’t send emails.
Typically, Opt Out is a term used to remove yourself from a mailing list.

If you are using Opt Out as a way of saying Delete My Profile, then the answer is to not Opt In.

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Per the Fluther FAQ, you can opt out by logging in daily and asking absurd questions each day. The Fluther Moderators will then react to your continuous perplexity and ice you from Fluther. This the proper method of opting out per the Fluther Regulatory Committee.

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Based on your lurve score of 4, how can you opt out if you haven’t even opted in? I thus assume this account is a second one which you are using to ask this question.

If you mean you are getting emails from Fluther, you can turn them off in the Notification section.

If you mean opt out of the site Fluther itself, well then stop coming here and answering questions!

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You just don’t come back.

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I agree with the conspiracy theory that kendigten is using a second account to ask this question. I postulate that one of us who has answered this question is kendigten incognito. I won’t accuse who I suspect, but I will testify that I am not kendigten. Seeing as kendigten has not responded to the information we have provided to him, he… is one of us (but not me).

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I’m afraid to respond in case I’m added to the suspect file.
Please ignore the above post

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Ah ha! osullivanbr! The guilty party always returns to the scene of the crime. I rest my case. of beer. in the fridge. There is nothing mentioned in the Fluther FAQ about Fluthering Under The Influence.

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I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you pesky…ah ta hell with it.

btw there will be serious consequences for not following my simple instruction to ignore that post.
Oh be afraid, be very afraid.

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So you only want to opt out of your second, criminal account?

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Well since in the last five minutes I’ve began questioning whether or not I did actually post this question or not, I think it’s best if I opt out of both, and go hide under some coats until the world makes sense again.

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To restore your sanity, might I suggest Fluthering Under The Influence, making full use of your stock of Bailey’s and Ale. Being drunk will remind you of all your wayward Fluther posts and nevermind that it’s not even sunset yet.

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stop writin’ and askin’
she’ll go away.

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Maybe it means “how do I wean myself from Fluther?” The answer: You can’t. A new question is being posted as you read this. Go answer it.

Resistance is futile.

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Don’t opt out :)

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seriously! i didn’t come here with the intention of staying, google sent me here in my search of a chemistry lab to copy. and i just can’t leave.

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We’ve got you now. Have some lurve to feed your addiction. Muuaaahahaaa!

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You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

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[mod says:] If you need help with your account, you can email richard (at) fluther (dot) com or send me a private comment.

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kendigten, you have been moderated. This is not a good sign. Try to avoid this in the future.

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