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Has anyone recently compared email marketing services lately? Companies like Constant Contact and AWeber and Sparklist?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) December 16th, 2008

A client is looking for a flexible solution that’s cost competitive, easy to use, provides rich metrics, and features like support for dynamic web forms that confirm receipt, let visitors signup for events on different dates, send event reminders, etc. Has anyone taken a deep dive recently?

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I have used Constant Contact and Aweber. But this was 6 months ago+ for both, I didn’t make the purchasing choice at my company, and I don’t remember details.

My very rough impressions: Constant Contact had friendly customer service. Aweber felt slightly more professional. Geez, that sounds vague to me – sorry.

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Yes. Aweber hands down winner. Fortunately for your client she can try both for free and see which one she likes best before she pays for one!

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