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Is the ability to grow a good beard directly correlated to the time between shavings?

Asked by o0 (222points) December 16th, 2008

I can grow a pretty good beard. I only shave once a weak, and by the end of the weak I have a good beard going. Others that I know shave everyday and when they try to grow a beard they can’t really. Does the longer you wait in between shaving help your beard growing ability, or am i just a very hairy guy.

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No, it really depends on your hair pattern.

Some people just don’t have very thick facial hair and can’t grow a good beard no matter how long they try. I saw somewhere that shaving does nothing to effect the rate or thickness of hair growth.

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I think it has to do more with genetics than maintenance habit. Hair growth rate or thickness does not change after numerous shavings, despite what pop culture would have you believe. You’re probably just a very hairy guy.

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Some people can only grow a weak beard, whether they shave every day or once a week.

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I don’t even shave every week. Usually every two weeks unless I have something to do that requires me to be clean shaven. Even after a month it isn’t that long. But at least it is full now unlike when I was 18 and it just looked like I had dirty spots all over my face.

I’m 31.

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I have a horribly weak beard. I’m 22 and if I don’t shave for a week I just look like Ken Burns (read: disgusting).

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I’m 21 and my beard grows great except for along the corners of my mouth and along the front of my chin. It’s very aggravating. I’ve tried many tricks since I was 16 and began getting peach fuzz. I don’t notice a difference when I shave everyday or when I shave every couple months. Time is the only thing that has affected it so far.

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I have heard that shaving dry can irritate the fail follicles to grow faster, but that was a while ago. Don’t quote me on that.

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Wow, I didn’t realize until reading these answers that I’m lucky. I can grow a beard just fine. Takes about a week for a full beard. Thanks for giving me something to be grateful for!

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