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What kind of software would I need to burn a 700MB or under video on to a CD-R?

Asked by MrMontpetit (1838points) December 16th, 2008

I know it’s possible, I just don’t know what software I need for it. And yes I’ve tried google.

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Most DVD players will not play video media on a cd. If you want to be able to play videos on your DVD player, you’ll need a DVD burner and DVD +/- R’s.

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First you’ll need to compress and/or re-encode the video to fit around 640MB or less.

Then use any CD-burning software to make the CD. Keep in mind this doesn’t make it a DVD.

You didn’t say if you were on a Mac or a Windows box.

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If you follow PnT’s sugestion, you’ll get a playable video, but only on computers. Some new DVD players do support CDs.

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programs that make VCD’s and data disks usually work the best,
eg: Nero, Roxio,AVS,Studio, media player sometimes(not very good)

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I am on XP SP3 right now.

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are you trying to make a DVD or VCD?

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If you wanted to do anything with the video, you could spring for premiere elements…
It offers good editing capabilities, and can do all of the exports for you. Makes it easy.

Downside: not free…

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Trials are great until you find the program you want to buy.

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Adobe Premiere Elements 7 US$179.99

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Nero would be better. If you want to download it for free, try this one:
Search there and you’ll find it out. Also, many other softwares would be available there.
Hope this would solve your problem.

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Go to places such as CNET or PC World and get a free download of the software you need. I’ve used AShampoo 6 and cdburnerxp. They burn both cds and dvds. Both are free downloads, and I like them. K-Lite Mega Codec can read all kinds of video files. It’s a free download, too. It has its own classic media player, and it also works with Windows Media Player.

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