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First New Years without someone in almost half a decade.

Asked by delirium (13700points) December 17th, 2008 from iPhone

Wisdom from experience?
I’m dreading it.

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Spend the night with friends and enjoy yourself.

what fool would dump delirium?

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Are you wanting to be out, or alone? Reflective or party-going?

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LS: One who tired of me and jumped in the arms of another
girl and called to tell me about it on our anniversary.

TL: I’m not really sure actually.

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Oooof. I’m so sorry. Hope you’re ok.

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My best friend is in that same position and rather than be around friends that have significant others or even possibly the stress of getting a date to parties she planned with another single friend of her to go away. They planned a couple of months ago to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. That is one extreme example but something along those lines that could take you out of the element out the norm. of what you would have done few years and to take your mind off of it.

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I’m in the opposite boat—it’s my first new years with someone in… forever. My general advice? Get some friends together who are single and party. Or do the low key thing. My new years were spent at home in a city we’d moved to after I left high school for all of college. My response to the holiday in general is that the sci-fi Twilight Zone marathon is the best thing on earth and having a tradition like watching it with your dad every year can rock.

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Couples suck anyways.


Make your own party. Make an art and put it on the Streets. Do something that makes People do something. Snowboard!

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Honey..don’t see it as the end of an era rather the beginning of something new and fresh in your life. Read Mira Kirschenbaum’s book “Everything Happens For A Reason” :) If you like to read. If not, take a trip with your friends, watch Sex and The City, go out and revel in being single and carefree. Honestly, having good friends around as a support system can get you through ANYTHING in your life.

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My first new year’s eve in about 15 without Jenn. I will survive. Hmmm…hey Del, wanna hang out and ummm, party?

I feel badly for you. Jenn is gone, but she didn’t leap into the arms of anyone else. That makes it a bit easier I suspect.

good luck!

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@LikeABird – I’m with you on this one! After my divorce, as the New Year approached, the parties, the invites…sheesh! I had a wonderful friend as me why I was down and pointed out that it’s a new beginning. I celebrated with friends and had a great time. :)

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Dude, Mexico sounds good to me. I’m in. Not even joking.

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I’m so sorry that happened to you Del. He sucks, you rock. I’m voting for doing something completely different than you’ve done in the past. A little trip sounds like just the thing.

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If you’re going to Mexico, I’m totally coming too.

On my motorcycle.

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Lmao. Kay Aaron. Mexico it is. We can go be bitter. Nicki, you must come.

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Yay Mexico!!

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Ir a mexico y ser feliz!

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I think a thorough acceptance that New Year’s is the worst possible holiday ever may help your situation.

Lowered expectations?

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Yeah. Maybe just spend newyears lying on the roof with a bottle of champagne.

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A roof….in Mexico, right?

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To all: Remember me, the Dec.31st birthday girl, and you will cheer up immediately.

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Del, whatever the plans are, I better be included in them :P. <3

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Del, drinking is never the answer.


Why not head over to Gail’s? Bring firewood, liquor, and catnip. And liquor. hic

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Maybe focus on others. Volunteer at a soup kitchen that night.

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Hi, Knot, I would say hui to that suggestion. However we could all huncer down in my cold little horum. His majesty has agreed. Or, cum hoc ergo propter hoc, and come on Jan.1.

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Okay, apparently Devi, Niki, Aaron and I are going to go find a roof in Mexico and drink non alcoholic champagne.

Damn. Aaron is one lucky guy.

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And you have my utmost sympathy, Gail. Give my regards to his majesty.

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My advice.. forget the whole social scene and volunteer that night.

Is it cold outside where you are? Go to Walmart, buy a cart load of tube socks and take them to a shelter or someplace where homeless are spending the night on a park bench.

Oh, I just now looked up and saw breedmitch’s answer. A agree with it.

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We’re trying to do things that depress me Less. Not More.

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Helping others depresses you? Come on, del. You’re better than that.

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How bout that…I didn’t know teenagers fluthered. It’s my fault, I didn’t ask how old you were before giving advice. You’re right, volunteering is probably beneath you at this time.

My revised advice would be to say, “don’t worry… you’ll meet a nice sophmore next year and then you’ll have your whole life ahead of you”

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She didn’t say beneath her, she said—in a humorous manner—that seeing others even more alone than she is isn’t what she needs right now. Frankly, volunteering at a soup kitchen or shelter is at least as depressing as it is rewarding. She wants to, and should, do something for her. Purposefully putting yourself in a depressing situation does. Not fit that bill.

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@John, I just lost respect for you. I give new members here the benefit of the doubt. That kind of condescension you just wrote, especially for one of our most beloved members, just… yuck.

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@JR: I’m not a teenager, and that tone was unnecessary. Volunteering isn’t beneath me nor is it foreign to me. Empress said it perfectly. I’m a passionate and compassionate enough individual that seeing that breaks my heart.
Considering your irrational jump to conclusions, i’m surprised you would construct a response that could speak so ill of you.

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I’m sorry. I suppose I was being defensive and I apologize. Whenever I have volunteered for anything or helped anyone, I felt better. It didn’t cross my mind that doing something to help others would be more depressing. How ironic, I’m the one acting like a teenager.

@trusting.. 7730+ points I don’t believe qualifies as a “new member”

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After giving more serious thought to the situation, it seems that spending the night with family would be the safest emotionally.

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@john: the new member in question was you, not Del

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wow, looks like you are right. I am really not in sync with these online conversations. I think I’m going to stick to the face-to-face conversations for a while. I don’t get into these kind of troubles offline.

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@JohnRobert: Stick around…we give second chances here!

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I do plenty of volunteering already. Valentine (my snake) and I go visit sick kids so they can say hi to him. Snakes are clean and nice.
I also do facepainting with them on occasion, which is a venture to keep everything sanitized. /ramble

@J: We do give second chances. Cool it with the defensiveness, realize that we’re not likely trying to attack you unless you do something to deserve it. Trust in the lurve, it’s usually a good gauge of who you can get away being snappy towards. ;)

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@John, yes, your apology made a difference for me too. And I’ve found that my participation here has given me a thicker skin. Which was much needed. You’re still welcome here.

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Back to the question. Del, I lurve what you’re doing with sick children, and I’m sure it must bring you some happiness, too; I know it would for me, Won’t you reconsider volunteering that night? There will be sick children having a party in the hospital on New Years Eve, too. How cool would it be if they could get their faces painted? Or get to touch a real snake!

@JR: Stick around. We all step on toes now and then. It’s how Fluther is family-like.

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Aw, guys, I don’t have anything to contribute here, but everyone kissed and made up and an Internet Fight was avoided.

That’s cute. It made me smile. Happy New Year, Sara.

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