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Will iTunes with wi-fi ne full featured in iPhone?

Asked by Hawaiiguy (316points) September 6th, 2007 from iPhone

do u know if you will be able to access the radio streams

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ITunes is definitely coming out for the iPhone – in a next iPhone update – dont know about the radio stations – but will be able to preview and buy songs,download podcasts

btw. if you are an iPhone owner check back with the nearest apple store in a week or so about the $100 rebate for your iPhone that apple just announced

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quite nice of him, I thought it was worth 200 just for the fact I didn’t have to talk to att or sprint to set up my account and cancel my sprint account, so for me its like a 300 dollar price cut:)

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owning apple stock, last thing I want to do is return my iPhone. Grrr

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I got the impression that it was WiFi access to the iTunes Music Store that will be available; rather than the iTunes software itself, so I don’t expect radio station availability… but it would be really nice! :)

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