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is Manchester more then a city?

Asked by nico (1points) September 6th, 2007

is it some kind of state?

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Yes, Manchester also refers to two professional football teams; Manchester United Footbsll Club and Manchester City Football Club. Most years, when people refer to Manchester they mean Manchester United or Manu and when refer to the other team, one might say Citey. But, this year is different. Citey have beaten Manu in the first fixture and thus have, foe now, earned the right to be referred to as Machester.

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Manchester is not a state.

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Just like New York City, for example, there are boroughs that describe sections of a large city. New York has Bronx, SoHo, Manhatten, Brooklyn, among others. Manchester does as well.

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@extol; for the record, NYC’s boroughs are Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens. Soho stands for South of Houston (St) and like, Chelsea, for example, is a section of Manhattan, as are the lower and upper east sides, and upper west sides also. There are a lot of named neighborhoods w/i the boroughs.

Manchester, NH, CT and MO, also – not many sports teams there.

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