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Billing Loop?

Asked by flyingpie (1points) December 17th, 2008

A few days ago I went out and bought a prepaid VISA so I could buy some apps in the iTunes store. (You can’t buy apps with an iTunbes gift Card in Canada) I spent it all on apps and then with the tax of the apps i ended up owing some money. I also can’t download free apps because it says there’s a problem in my purchaise history. I seem to be having a similar problem to this person. (“I’m having almost the same problem. I was using a prepaid credit card and the balance wasnt enough so i bought an itunes card and I got to that same billing info problem. I tried all other methods, and even removed the credit card so that all I have left is the itunes card, but when i try to pay with it, it just refreshes the page and never pays for anything! Please help someone T_T)” If anyone could help it would be great. How do I stop this. I want to be able to download free apps :(

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I don’t believe you can use two different billing options on one item. I would contact Apple support and tell them the problem you have.

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I have about 5 dollars in my store credit. It says I can pay what I owe with that but it just refreshes the page. The only way I can pay what I owe is with another credit card but I can’t. And until then I can’t download free apps either :( (it sucks especially when Magic Pad is free for the holidays)

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I think I’m understanding you correctly…you started payment with a prepaid VISA, but didn’t have enough money on it due to tax so you bought some store credit? Apple does not allow multiple payment methods on a purchase. If the bill is not fully paid and since you can’t pay with the prepaid visa anymore I would contact Apple and tell them your issue.

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