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Are they seriously going to try and make Cowboy Beebop Live-Action?

Asked by Foolaholic (5804points) December 18th, 2008

I just heard that Fox (of all people) have got plans for a Cowboy BeeBop Live Action movie in the works. How can they think this is going to work? I very much doubt that there is a person alive who can play Ed anyway. But what do you think?

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I love Cowboy BeeBop! I couldn’t possibly see it coming out as a live action film though…

Has there ever been a successful anime—> live movie conversion? (not counting video games)

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I would say that the live action Death Note movies were pretty successful, but that was a very quick follow up. I don’t see how that can hope to build enthusiasm for this now, other than playing on people’s nostalgia.

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Bebop only has one “E”

I don’t even like anime in English… I always watch it in Japanese. So I’m expecting this to suck.

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Hey, apparently some company made Detroit Metal City as a live action movie too, and I’m super duper uber psyched about it (go watch the anime series if you want a crazy awesome anime). But Fox? Oh man. That’s sketchy. Really sketchy.

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I want it so bad, but I have an equal amount of fear associated with it.

—They better get a dog that actually looks like Ein.


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@asmonet: I had a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He died last year though :( But he looked exactly like Ein.

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@poof: /hugs.

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what what what? this would be awesome if done well! I love me some Cowboy Bebop! also there was a live action death note?!

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One word: Dragonball.

Is it me or is Fox cashing in on all these animes now?

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It’s bullshit and they ARE cashing in on this fad.

Will it suck? Most likely.

Will I still see it? Yes.

At the theatre? Yes.

Opening night? Yes.

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OMG gross. I think a live action movie could be done well, but it’d have to really diverge from the original plot and keep the same spirit. Otherwise, it’d just be a corny live duplication.

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EGH noooooooooo. This will be crap. I may have some faith if it was being done in japan or something, but with fox doing it, its pretty much going to blow.

The only manga/anime to live action movies that were good IMO were Death Note and Battle Royal.

and to answer your question, no, no one can capture the awesomeness that is Ed.

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I think that if they followed the original plot to a T and didn’t try to make it look like an anime but a real movie it would be kick ass!

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I hear that Keanu Reeves is set to play Spike.

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From what I’ve heard the live action movie is in the making, and Keanu Reeves is supposedly being cast as Spike.

If it’s in fact true that Keanu is cast as Spike, the director could have simply saved plenty of money by casting a block of wood as Spike. The only difference between the block of wood and Keanu is the fact that the block of wood would actually make an impact on the audience.

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