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Why should people who live in EU be required to do what EU says, what if you were born before EU and / or don't want some rules if EU be layed on your country of nativity?

Asked by seVen (3486points) December 18th, 2008 from iPhone
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Well, I believe Poland has a representative government, so presumably Polish citizens have a way of influencing the decisions of their government, including whether or not to belong to the EU and so be bound by EU regulations. If Poland’s representative government agrees to this arrangement, then Polish citizens are obliged to respect that arrangement whether or not they agree with it. If they disagree, then they can work to get their government to change the arrangement, but until then, they are bound by those regulations.

It’s a fundamental principle of any functional democracy that the minority agrees to abide by the laws set by the majority.

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Doesnt being bound by EU Regulations completely erode the sovereignty of a country to do so?

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The states of the European Union do delegate a measure of their sovereignty to the European umbrella government, much as the states of the United States do (though to a lesser degree, because unanimity of the membership is required for some actions). But, of course, the member states have a voice in formulating policy via the European Parliament and the rotating presidency.

The European states aren’t forced into ceding power to the EU; they elect to do so because they feel that it’s to their advantage. There is currently no defined procedure for how a state would leave the Union, but there are attempts underway to spell that out.

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When people say things like this about the United States, there’s frequently a refrain of “Love it or leave it!”

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Say things like what, Laureth?

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Say things like “I don’t like the way America ____” or “I disagree with the American policy of _____” or “Why should I have to obey _____ when I disagree?”

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I can’t stand when people say “Love it or leave it.”
This country became what it was because of people who believe in freedom and were willing to fight for it. The people who often say that, take freedom for granted. If one understands freedom, and believes that they are free, that person must accept the principle that everyone is free. Not just Americans, but everyone.

Organizations like the EU, UN, etc., and trade agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA, etc., are ways of eroding the sovereignty of governments and of the people. They sound good on paper, but the reality is it creates regulations that benefit the corporations, which in turn, creates wage slaves to the corporations, which allows the corporations to expand to other countries via more trade deals.

So basically, “love it or leave it,” is becoming irrelevant because globalization is in full swing and no matter where you go, corporations, banks, and governments will be oppressive because it isn’t the US, UK, EU, etc. any more, its Exxon, Dow, GE, Bank of America, Monsanto, etc.

Back to the question at hand, people should take back the control of their governments, rather than electing the elite officials that make these deals. It is obviously very difficult, since the same corporations and people that benefit, control the media, the money, and the resources, which keeps people working too much to pay attention to the causes of it all. Hopefully enough people will use the internet for infinite information before they control that also.

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@chris: I agree with you, actually. My position is that the Founders made things the way they were so that people who don’t like it can change it.

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I apologize for my assumption. Now that I reread what you wrote, I misinterpreted your statement.

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In the United States new laws are passed with alarming regularity. If you were born before a new law goes into effect, should you then have the right to disregard it? I say no.

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