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Is the Opteka quick flip flash bracket any good?

Asked by XCNuse (1197points) December 18th, 2008

I’m looking to buy a light flash setup for my dSLR besides my SB400 just sitting on top, and I want to get a bracket and a soft box for it, but finding a good (fair priced at that) bracket is no easy task, and I came across this awesome ebay deal with what I just discovered to be this “Opteka quick flip bracket”, which is really cheap, just under $30..

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More important is to make sure it’s compatible and will work with the camera. I found just because the hot foot fits doesn’t mean it will work.

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Oh I know it fits, I came across it originally at an estore on ebay holding a D200, as for the hot shoe I know it’ll work it’s just more important to find the right TLL sync chord. As my research proved last night, it’s near impossible to find an original SC-28 sync chord, just about every one I came across was a third party “SC-28” chord.. well thanks but I’d prefer something that I know will work every time.

@meemorize, looks great and all but personally I wanted to spend LESS than $50 on my bracket and chord (for the sake on saving up to buy something like an SB-600 flash or something of the sorts)

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