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Can you recommend a small digital camera?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) February 22nd, 2008

I have a great DSLR camera but I seem to take more pictures with my iPhone because it’s always with me.

I would like to get a small (as small as possible!) digital camera so I can always keep it with me to take pictures.

For a brief moment, I thought about getting the Canon G9 which is a fantastic DSLR alternative but is way too big for my needs. If possible, I would like to get something smaller than the Canon ELPH or SD series.

Do you have a recommendation for such a digital camera? A friend recommended the Casio Exilim series but before getting one, I thought I would tap the collective and ask my friendly fluther-buddies.

P.S. You can see my awesome-tastic pictures (and leave a comment or two) at

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Smaller than the Canon Elph?? I have an Elph (SD 1000) and it is teeny tiny. It fits right into my pocket, even its little protective case. Maybe you’ve seen older Elphs and they are bigger, or maybe your definition of small and mine are different.

Canon makes awesome cameras, that is for sure.

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Hmm… I haven’t seen the SD1000 in person but the pictures on Amazon (next to the gum, and box of matches) do make it look fairly small. The reason I was thinking of something smaller than the SD1000 is that I was told (haven’t researched myself) that the Casio Exilims are built sturdier and are smaller than them. Now, thanks to your answer, I have one vote for the SD1000. Thanks!

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Samsung NV20.
12 megapixels, tiny, awesome feature set, touch sensitive buttons. It’s really super sweet.

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I love the Sony cybershot slim lines. They’re super thin, have excellent battery life, optical stabilization, high iso, etc. Their prices are also more competitive than canon.

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Acer CU-6530, very small, 6 megapixels (!), SD-card, great quality pictures, handy dock, great features.

Some pictures:

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I would say… being a canon fan myself… the canon lenses are such good quality optics and makes great cameras in general. I am not sure what lens manufacturer the other brands use, but you can’t go wrong with canon. I had a Aasio compact before but switched to a Canon later on. The SD1000 would be a nice choice I think. Cheap and has an optical viewfinder as well as the LCD viewer.

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Okay… so its looking like the Canon SD1000 is the way to go.

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I love Cannon stuff and have one of their higher end DSLR’s (40D) but as far as small point and shoots I’ve had better luck with FujiFilm. I used to own a Cannon point-and-shoot (A70) after a month of research I went with FujiFilm. This camera has the most amazing battery life, unbelievable low light performance (can take excellent printable shots without flash in a low llight situation) and add to that low shutter lag and you’ve got an amazing camera. When this one kicks the bucket I’ll definitely be looking at a new FujiFilm for sure.

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I must concur with previous speaker as well. I just read a full review on the new Canon SD1100 on dpreview. It did not seem to be your best bet. Do look into Fujifilm cameras, they do indeed get good ratings everywhere.

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I have the Canon Digital Elph (SD750— almost exactly the same as the SD1000) and I love it.

It’s incredibly sleek and portable, and takes great pictures in daylight. I do get a little frustrated with the quality of pics it takes in low light, though. I definitely have a collection of grainy shots.

If you’re serious about your digital photography, and have some cash to lay down, there’s always the Digital Leica . . .

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I have thought about the Leica but the Panasonic (which is the identical camera) is cheaper. And, the issue is that they are bigger than the Canon SD cameras.

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Well, if cost is a deal-breaker, the Elph SD750 just went on sale. This is really, really cheap:

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Your ferris wheel photos look like a fantastic art deco/nouveau spread! I love it!

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There are so many choices out there, it’s hard to tell which one would fit your needs the best.

But you absolutely cannot go wrong by reading Steve’s Digicam Reviews, and checking out the ultra-compact list.

Best of luck.


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I have this camera here from Casio, it is VERY thin and starts up relatvitaly fast. The movie quality and sound is great.

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I really like the Nikon S60, that being said I haven’t used it myself, but it’s beautiful.

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So did you decide on which pocket camera to get?

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@loveurmindnsoul I ended up going with the Canon SD camera. I guess I am partial to the Canon line.

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