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YouTube stopped working on Firefox for me yesterday. How to fix?

Asked by Trustinglife (6603points) December 20th, 2008

I was watching videos yesterday, and all the sudden, I clicked on another one, and it stopped working. Specifically, I mean that the full page loads on YouTube, but instead of the normal video screen with controls (play button, scroll bar for length of video, etc), I just get a black box where the video should be.

I tried Internet Explorer, and it’s working fine there. But I use Firefox, and want YouTube working on my Firefox. It had worked fine for a long time till yesterday. Any idea how I can fix it?

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WUT? sometimes, my sound will stop working in firefox and sometimes the videos as well so i close firefox and reopen it and that usually fixes the problem but i’m positive you’ve already tried this so i’m putting my troubleshooting hat on for you right now

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Ok, thanks. What’s WUT?

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Yea just reboot your firefox. Ive had this happen to me before, sometimes rebooting firefox doesnt fix the issue and i have to reboot my comp, but it always comes back after that.

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WUT is what without the ha because i’m in such disbelief i can’t type those letters, lol.

and yeah what uber said

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I’ll reboot. Thanks.

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This exact thing happened to me yesterday. Thanks for asking.

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Thanks Pete! Ok, rebooted, and no luck. Still a black screen with no controls showing up. Any other advice, please?

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try clearing your cache

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It worked!!! Thanks tinyvamp! Lurve.

Pete, go clear your cache. If you don’t know how (I didn’t), go to Tools + “Clear Private Data.” Then hit “Clear Private Data now.” Success!

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Didnt work for me :( I’ve done it many times and it doesnt work

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1)Go to YouTube’s help page (Google owns it):

2) type in variations of your Firefox/YouTube problem

3)Be patient and keep trying.

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Could you have accidentally blocked videos by mistake? If that’s the case, go to “tools” in your Firefox browser, open up the “Adblock” app that allows you to block stuff, then find the URL and unblock it (it will be Just uncheck it and it will work again.

UPDATE: Never mind. I see your problem is resolved. =) I have my browser set to clear the history upon closing. This may benefit you, as well in the future.

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Try this, it worked for me…I have a window7 using google chrome. Everything was working fine and suddenly my videos (Zshare, Mega Video, Youtube) all stopped playing and youtube video just stop loading. It was just a black video screen. I tried uninstalling good chrome and java as suggested, but nothing was working. My 10 year old told me to CLEAR THE HISTORY because sometimes when it’s too full, video stops working. So, we cleared out all the history in google chrome and all the videos worked like a charm.
Good luck.

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At lease you guys are getting some sort of screen, I was getting blank white where the frame was to be?.. I tried everything, corrections in add ons, left and right up and down, still nothing. To resolve the problem, I simply told “NOSCRIPT” to “ALLOW PAGE”, it cleared up for me, at lease, for tonight?

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I was having the same problem, black box on youtube, no video. I opened firefox tools, went to the GENERAL tab, clicked MANAGE ADDONS, selected EXTENSIONS, and found TWO versions of java running. I disabled the older version, and it fixed the problem. Hope this helps. TwoKnives.

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