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If you use twitter, what do you use to update it?

Asked by MrMontpetit (1843points) December 20th, 2008

I personally used to use TwitterFox, but since I switched to Opera I started using Twhirl. I actually like Twhirl a lot better, as it’s as if you were on the twitter site, as opposed to just being able to update.

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i use the web and twitterfox because i have firefox, they just did an update on it today but so far the features are still the same but i’ll have to check out this twhirl you speak of!

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Yeah, twhirl is great. Instead of on your status bar of your browser it’s on your task bar.

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i used twinkle on my ipod during the summer, but now i use the sidebar in flock and text on my phone.

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thanks to you I am using twhirl and i’m using theme:black magic and i love you for letting me know about this program. hehehe :)

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I just go to Twitter itself. But when I’m on my iPhone, I just started using Vlingo. Now I can speak my status, and the voice-recognition is pretty good! It displays what it heard, and then I can edit it before posting. It usually doesn’t need much. Oh, and it’s free. Oh, and it does Google searches and calls my contacts, all through voice-recognition.

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Depending on where I am, I use various apps. From my Gmail I use either TwitterGadget or from instant message. If I’m on my home computer I’ll use Twhirl. If I’m out and about I’ll use Jott (although I’m not especially happy with it).

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Twitter itself on my computer, and twinkle on my iphone.

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Twitteriffic on my Mac and iPhone, or the Twitter website itself if I fancy digging through replies. What’s everyones username? Follow up @richardhenry.

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mines is @tinyvamp… i added you guys

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I use the twitter website on my computer and tweetie on the iphone. @idlefingers

robmandu's avatar from PC and Blackberry.

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I just added – updating status from IM?!?! Awesome! Thanks Nate and Rob!!!!! This is one of the many reasons I love Fluther.

My Twitter page is here.

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I use twinkle.

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@willbrawn, dude, get going on the honeymoon already!

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Twitterfon is excellent and one of the few iPhone apps that uses dark text on light background (more usable than light on dark, if not quite as slick looking).

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