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Is it possible to hook up two DVR's to one TV?

Asked by scubydoo (751points) December 20th, 2008

I’m just curious if it is possible. If both of the DVR’s have a coaxial out to the tv, how could you go about combining the coaxial from each DVR to funnel into one TV?

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Are you trying to record two shows at once?

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everything is possible….
does your tv have 2 coax places? are you using a splitter? what are you trying to do?

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Many DVR boxes nowadays have two tuners built in, allowing you to record two shows at once, eliminating the need for your wacky setup.

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not tryint to record 2 shows. i have a 2nd series tivo and a dvr from my local cable company. just wnated to run them both through 1 tv.

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not with Coax cable, no. But if your TV has multiple inputs, then sure. Split the cable coming out of the wall, one into each DVR. Then each output from the DVRs can go to different inputs to the TV. Even if your TV has only one component input, you can buy a cheap ($5–10) splitter from Radioshack that has multiple inputs and one output back to the TV. You switch inputs on the splitter itself.

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