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What is the best t.v to buy?

Asked by blueflame (2points) December 21st, 2008

dont understand tech viewing not-
gaming, size would be 42–50” whats the best ratio? heard panasonic was best brand..would prefer informed opinion..hd?

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Are you looking for the highest quality, biggest, or what? Details.

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prob 42 or 50 inch but I dont understand the tech terms, like 1080/000? hzd or hdz-not sure if thats a store typo… what type of screen is best plasma or ?? I ‘ve heard that panasonic is good brand but would like an informed opinion..please?

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dont know how else to answer your question…..under usd1000.00 , and 42” or 50”...

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The Sony Bravia line is an excellent choice. Very clear and crisp picture. I picked up a 42-inch Bravia for $800 on Black Friday.

Edit: I should note that the 42” models usually sell for around $1,000, which is still in your price range.

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I love my 2 Samsung ToC’s.

First decision is Plasma or LCD. Gamers choose Plasma. If your TV will have a glare on it from the sun the go with LCD. Everything else is miostly semantics. Pick the size and color you want.

I would probably go with a name brand though. Gonna spend the money anyway so I wouldn’t risk it with an off brand.

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I agree with Sakata. Go with the Samsung touch of color lcd if you can afford it. I bought an LN52A750 in August and the picture on it is amazing. It has 1080P resolution and the 120hz refresh rate. My friend just bought a Panasonic 50” plasma that is awesome too. Either one of these brands make awesome flat screen TV’s.

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