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– I hear a lot about this Google Andriod thingie. Is that a new phone?

Asked by nick2008 (15points) December 22nd, 2008
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It’s a platform that’s open source for developers of software and hardware.

(I Googled Andriod to get the following link):

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yeah from my understanding, it is to phones what linux is to computers. its just software that you put on the phone.

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It’s the OS, operational system, in a mobile phone. Like what Kyle said, the software that makes your computer/phone work. The first versions of Android phones hasn’t been very impressive, but since Google is known to succeed with everything, they probably will with Android aswell.

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Haha, the only things Google has succeeded at are Internet search and Internet advertising. Basically everything else they’ve tried has flopped (w/ gmail as a possible exception [which makes no money].

Basically, the G1 and other Abdroid phones are delivering the functionality the iPhone delivered 2 years ago with a crappier interface, far less integration with your computer, and an increased likelyhood for viruses and malware. It’s the Windows of phones.

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iPhone rules the universe!

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