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How has technology addiction effected your life?

Asked by Sakata (3332points) December 22nd, 2008

I’m an addict. Have been for years. I’ve found ways to deal with it but the “wagon’s” not the most sturdy of vehicles, and it only has 1 seat. Just wondering how others have had to deal with it, and how it’s impacted your life.

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Sometimes I think that addiction isn’t real, it is just a state of mind, or diagnose, to just a “shameful and taboo behaviour”. But this thought has many flaws and I need some time to think it over before I write my thesis on it :)

Anyhoo, I might be addicted to technology since I use it every day. And I like using it. Some of us here do remember the days when there were no mobile phones, mp3 players and personal computers and somehow we managed to lead a perfectly good life anyway. As a teacher I am often asking my young students if they can imagine a life without their mobile phones and they refuse even to imagine it. Perhaps this is the technology addiction we’re talking about – when technology has become such a great part of our lives, we even can’t imagine living without it?

But what if we start to embrace the fact that technology is such a great part of our lives and live with it? Is it still an addiction? Or simply, the way of life evolving? Interesting thought…need to think about this too…(arrrgh, so many thesises to write!)
I think I am calling my addiction as my new hobby. I can live without it, but I don’t want to because I am interested in technology and I like to follow the development.

Better stop…lost the red thread somewhere…:)

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Sleep less. It’s 5am I have to get up at 9 to go to work. I better put this damn phone down.

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It might have affected it it, no sure what the effects will be however. ;)

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iPhone addiction certainly has. Or addiction to three favorite sites. I read my book alot less since I am playing with my iPhone so much.

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Wow, typo failure on my part.

It might have affected it, not sure what the effects will be however. ;)*

I need sleep. Goodnight Fluther!

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you beat me to it, asmonet.

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I don’t see it as an addiction for me. It’s simply the fact that with technology, I am faster and wiser. I will admit that I finally caved and bought an iPod Touch so as to have the Internet with me all the time though.

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I Don’t want it to!! It will make america lazy in the future leading to the Apocalypse.

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I’d like to say that my addiction started Christmas of 1985 when I got my Nintendo, but it may have started earlier with my Atari’s. There was definitely an addiction to the NES though.

Now-a-days it’s just about anything I can attach to: my phone, multiplayer & online games (especially), any computer, handheld games, even my home phone if it has options I can change.

I was recently introduced to “Make Me A Celebrity” on Facebook and that’s quickly falling onto the list.

And when I say “addiction” I mean like crack. HAVE to do it and when I’m not I constantly think about it. Messes up work, school, sleep, social life, personal life, everything. Perfect example would be World of Warcraft, Everquest, and any other MMORPG. For an idea of what I mean just do a YouTube search for “WoW addiction.” It’s pretty much like that.

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I started young, my first piece of technology being a digital watch that I got for Christmas. Then I had nintendo…ohhh boy! When we got out first computer, which had Windows 95 on it and 4 gigs of free HD space I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

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Well im on the computer right now instead of doing stuff that i actually need to get done, does that answer the question?

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My husband has been addicted to chat sites since I bought him an itouch for Christmas last year. I recently found old emails where he was telling another woman how much he loved her and how certain songs reminded him of her. These songs used to be “ours”. Needless to say I can never listen to the smashing pumpkins or foo fighters again. So I would have to say that technology addiction almost broke up my marriage.

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I became an obsessed nut when my iPhone fried. I was cured the moment that APPLE replaced it.

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@jonsblond: I am so very sorry. Hope things are better now.

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