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What's the easiest and fastest way to open one of those hardpack vacum plastic packaging thingies?

Asked by jazzjeppe (2575points) December 22nd, 2008

Just bought a new memory card for my phone and it comes in one of those hard plastic packings that basically are impossible to open without having a chainsaw, the FBI and the CIA, a tank and 245 marines to help you.

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Those are annoying. I hate clamshell packaging. Take a pair of scissors/boxcutter and cut along the edge, parallel to the hard plastic on the edge. Just be careful not to cut any important papers bundled with it.

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I use an X-Acto knife.

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I call for an organized consumer rebellion against this abomination! Did you know that 6000 people per year end up in emergency rooms for treatment of injuries caused in opening PVC clamshell packaging? The retail industry knows we hate it- they call the phenomenon “wrap rage”- but they perpetuate it because it shows the product off and deters pocketing of merchandise.

As long as we keep buying crap packaged this way, they’ll keep using it. Lets stop being sheep about this. Lets start telling retailers that we refuse to buy anything in a clamshell package. In times like these, when retailers are fighting for sales, this kind of pressure will count. I wish that some web-savvy vigilante would set up a site calling attention to manufacturers who foist impenetrable packaging off on the public. Shame them into getting these atrocities off the shelves!

There, I feel better

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Harp, you are so right…God, you are right. We should organize a march or something…like the Million Men March….or “GodhatesPVC”


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Now all we need is a chant!

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“Yes we can!”

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I whip out the art tools, X-Acto Knife FTW!

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Use a wide X-Acto knife, slide the knife along the inside of the seam (where it’s sealed) along the left then ride side away from you. Then cut across the top to meet the left and right edge of your previous cut . When you’re done you can just ‘flip’ the bottom out, extract what you need and toss the whole shebang away.

If you have packaging rage I’d suggest you try to support Amazon’s new Frustration-Free packaging service that takes items traditionally in oversized and difficult to open packaging and ships them with just the minimum needed to get the item to you. The list of products continues to grow and SD cards are currently offered.

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Definitely a box cutter

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