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Do you ever dream in black and white?

Asked by krose1223 (3254points) December 22nd, 2008

I read somewhere that some people can’t dream in color and some people dream in both. I can’t remember ever dreaming in black and white so I was wondering if this was very common. I think I have talked to one person who said she has dreamt in both color and black and white.

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I always (did) dream in b&w but then I got on some medication and I dreamed in color for the first time. I have since changed prescriptions and now only dream in color on rare occasion.

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No. Always vivid color, except for one recurring nightmare I had for 14 years.

Pennywise was chasing me with pink goo in those portable gas containers, goo like in Ghostbusters. Then he found me and the kids I was protecting in the bathroom. At which point he took butcher knives and stabbed me through my shins, cracking the tub beneath me.

Then I wake up.

Pleasant, huh? Never trust a babysitter not to subject your child to horror movies for funsies. Luckily, it went away in my teens.

And I can fly i my dreams, but it’s silly as shit when I do. I have to froggy swim through the air. Feel free to laugh.

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I can always fly in dreams, but I also always lose control and crash into the ground and die.

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That’s kinda weird. But I can’t talk. all my answers to dream questions have been fucked.

I think a dozen times or so I’ve been able to just launch up and drift around or speed through the sky as I see fit without ‘swimming’. But considering I dream every night… sorta rare.

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I can’t talk my dreams are crazy 99% of the time. I also dream every night and my imagination gets the best of me.

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I have never dreamed in black and white. I think I might be dreaming right now, in fact. Fluther seems a little strange tonight.

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I actually heard a radio interview on CBC this fall about the colour of dreams. I didn’t catch the entire program, but at least one researcher’s studies indicates that the type of TV you grew up with might play a role. So far, it appears that individuals who grew up with black and white TVs dream in black and white, those who grew up with colour TVs dream in colour. They haven’t determined why this might be yet, but are looking into it.

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I think pretty much always in color. I don’t remember a black & white dream, and I have recorded many of my dreams.

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This reminds me of Dream Of Mirrors by Iron Maiden.

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I had a dream last night that I had a reverse mohawk. What was I thinking? I was also an impromptu safety on a high school football team and I was in the middle of a gun battle.

My dreams are in color, though most of the time I don’t really “notice” it.

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@andrew: I just made my dog freak out. I laughed so hard her comatose butt woke up. Good job.

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I always dream in bright colours. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a dream in black/white.

My dream last night consisted of me marrying my Latin professor. (I think I have a bit of a crush on him) and flash forward to the honeymoon in England and I ask him “wait, don’t you have a wife already?” and “shouldn’t we be back at the college by now?” And then I woke up!

Darn darn darn!

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I dream on both color and b&w. I have really strange dreams though…

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Sometimes I dream without any images at all. Does that count?

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@asmonet, if i had recurring dreams about pennywise i would never ever ever sleep.
clowns scare me soooo much. D:

@original question, i’ve never had a black and white dream. sometimes i feel like i’m missing out haha

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@tiffy: Yeah, welcome to my childhood nights.

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Always in color.

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I have never dreamt in black and white. I can’t imagine why anyone would, since that is not how reality looks. Maybe when TV’s and movies were in black and white, since many people’s dreams are like movies. But anyone who was raised in the era of color media, it just doesn’t make sense.

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Maybe old people do…

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@Skaggfacemutt: And…what? Dreams make sense?

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@asmonet: Touche, my good friend, touche. I got shot in the neck in my dream a few nights ago… let’s hope that isn’t how my reality looks.

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Okay, okay – you’re right. Dreams are not like reality, or I could fly! And I have dreamt about flying, just pushing myself off with my feet and rising off the ground, swooping around about 20–30 feet up. I have never had the experience in real life, so it doesn’t make sense that I could know how it would feel and look, but yet I have dreamt of it. I guess in dreams anything is possible.

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