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Which File do I download for the Inteenimater for the sims 2 ?

Asked by foxystar (3points) December 27th, 2008

I have the basic "the sims 2" game. No expansions. I want to download the Inteenimater so I can make my teen sims pregnant. Before I tryed it (i used the second file on the list) and it appeared to work. I know it was working because when I went to create a family one of the outfits for a teenage girl was a pregnant outfit. When I got into the family's lot i entered the boolprop cheat (I was gonna use to to make two teenage sims have high relationships). I entered it then shift clicked on my teenage sim. A box thing came up saying "object error" I clicked reset but it kept coming up again and again and i kept clicking reset. I got mad so i tryed cancel instead. The same thing happened it just came up again and again! Then i know i shouldn't have but i clicked delete and then it stopped coming up. I saved (i shouldn't have but i had just finished making the house and i didn't want to have to do it over again). Now every time i have the boolprop cheat on and i go into the house hold it says "object error" again. By the way I haven't tryed going into the family while the boolprop cheat is off. I deleted the inteenimater files now but i haven't tryed the sims 2 since i deleted the inteenimater files. What did i do wrong? Did I download the wrong file? How can I fix it? The second file on this link is the one i downloaded:

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i’m not really sure how inteenimater works, but if you can’t find an answer, try insiminator if you haven’t already. i’m pretty sure you can do the same thing with it, and it’s pretty easy to download/use.

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I wish that the insimimater works for that. But i’ve read some sites and the insimimater doesn’t work for making teens pregnant apparently. Thanks for trying to help =]

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and if this makes any difference to people, i’m going to add a bit of info. I Installed the first file AND the second file. But now that I think of it… I didn’t click enable when i got into the gane because i forgot to turn that option on in the options panel. Does this help anyone?

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nvm. I figured it out!! YAY!!!!=D

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aw okay, good haha
i’m kind of a sims addict but i don’t know much about technical stuff

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how to download to get young sims pregnant

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If any one knows how to do that PLEASE help me. My game hates me and it never gets anything right.

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the same thing happened to me im trying to find a different place to download the inteenimetar at

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sigh i’m all shaky i just installed inteen for FT (latest besides bv and ofb.. i think ofb was latest.. but foo… OH I DONT KNOWW i dont wanna lose mah saved games agien wahhhh

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JUST SOME HELP ME LIKE< FAST>>>>>>> im freekin out

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Same happened here i clicked delete and it deleted my sims that had the error and i didint have the inteenimator i just added a cheat to make the teen grow into an adult faster.

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