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Fuel vs thing being fueled?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6778points) December 27th, 2008

My cousin is studying environmental sciences and a guest speaker gave a lecture.

He said that people shouldn’t be concerned with the fuel, but the thing that is being fueled. Like, make an alternative to a car, not just an alternative to oil. What does everyone think about this?

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Seems like sound advice, that may not be very easy to follow. If it gets people thinking in new directions, I’m all for it. However, as a mother of 3 children that require lots of shuttling to and from places, I can’t see an alternative to a minivan, let alone a car!

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I think the main deal with this is the lack of creativity. This can be due to the infrastructure that we already have, like roads and bridges made of concrete. I’ve used in physics class as a demonstration a magnet that moved due to changes of the poles of magnets on the surface it was on. This would never work on the roads we have now, but if we build new roads made of magnets, it might work. This can be spearheaded by Obama’s promise to create new infrastructure to improve the economy.

What we have now isn’t working, so let’s change it and make something better.

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An alterantive would be changing the way the car is used. Travel writer Bill Bryson observed that his next door neighbours drove the 20 yards when visiting him and I’m sure we can all think of some one who drives to the gym to go on a treadmill. Society has to change to make things easier to do without relying on your car.

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I think it’s a load of crap. It would just be replaced with another fuel consuming transporter. In the process tons of waste would be created inventing it.

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