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I live in Texas and small lizards keep comming into my home. How do I get rid of them?

Asked by romemi2 (1points) September 13th, 2007
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I suppose you could get a hawk or a bigger lizard & just let them roam free. Could make for a fun real-life nature show.

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Why do you want to get rid of them? I’m guessing that they’re probably doing a great job of keeping the insect population down in your home. Unless they’re biting you or defecating on your food I would keep them around, they’re doing you a service for free!

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I agree with brownlemur. I’m in San Antonio and I’ve seen a few of those little geckos around the house. They aren’t doing any harm. Just eating bugs!

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I agree. I’ve got quite a few around my home and I love having them around knowing they eat the insects. They are cute and very intelligent. I didn’t know they could bite, though. I worry most about accidently stepping on them. Does anyone know what their poopy looks like?

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mice glue traps,see Gail’s Subaru Forrester question above.

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While my wife thinks of them as pets, I hate them. What we get in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are geckos. They are little bald lizards that are basically short snakes with legs. Or bald cockroaches. The cats always side with me and make quick work of them.

Their poop looks like mouse or bird droppings, except they choose to do it on the wall in our garage.

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