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Do you still have frogs in your area?

Asked by syz (35557points) December 28th, 2008

I used to hear spring peepers, American toads, small mouth toads, green tree frogs, pickerel frogs, and eastern leopard frogs every spring. It’s been silent around my house for the last 2 or 3 years. I mourn the loss of those esoteric choruses. Has anyone else noticed a decline or an absence?

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Where do you live? Every time there’s a hard rain here they’re everywhere. It’s so gross to see the dead, squished ones in the streets that are run over by cars. After Hurricane Ike, it seemed like we Texans were experiencing one of the biblical plagues!

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@syz: We still have frogs, in great numbers. But I feel pathetic in telling you that I couldn’t differentiate between a pickerel and a spring peeper if my life depended on it.

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I’m in North Carolina, which has had record breaking growth in population and construction, three years of severe drought, and a most unusual winter so far this year (it is 73 degrees as I type this).

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Syz, I’m right across the NC/SC border and I’ve noticed the same lack of frogs.

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Every winter we get little tiny ones that live under our brick pathway. They dig little holes and make homes. Then at night they jump out and roam the yard. If I go outside at night I’m always sure to have a flashlight handy so I don’t accidentally kill one.

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sys! Good thing I don’t have Batrachophobia; what an interesting site. Thank you for that, my kids will love it, too.
I’ll be identifying peepers in no time!

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We have a couple of rivers near, with an abundance of bullfrogs. BIIIG ones. We’re also home to Bufo alvarius, the infamous toad of “toad licking” fame. They make a cute “peep” sound.

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I noticed a decline up until this past spring. We had a major flood in our area last March and I couldn’t believe how many frogs I heard. Sweet music.

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GA to syz for those links. I can’t tell you how much fun I just had watching my two, indoor, Brooklyn cats freak out over those frog calls. They looked perplexed and started searching in every corner of the room for the unknown creature.

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Yes they do. I had one in my garden yesterday!

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@JellyB: Look above; syz sent me some great links to indentify types.

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I haven’t seen a lot of toads lately, but this spring the swamp down near my place of employment was alive with the sweet music of frogs singing their little hearts out.I’d like a few toads in the yard, but for some reason, we don’t have any. It’s not because of chemicals, as I am an organic gardener and have been for years.

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I just found this Q, and it was posted before I became a member.
Yes, tons of frogs over here!
I live in the Sierra \nevada foothills and am over run with Pacific tree frogs
They breed in a seasonal creek fed by a neighbors huge pond and the roar of the frogs on a spring night is deafening!

They are everywhere in the summer, hanging on the wall under the porch lights catching bugs and it is so cool, I can actually watch them pounce on bugs and gulp them down! :-D
I also hear bullfrogs and other frogs in the pond up the hill from me, whose levy borders my pasture.
What I have noticed is a big decrease in Jack Rabbits the last 4–5 years and I think this accounts for more coyote attacks on pets.

Where have all the rabbits gone?

Frogs are thriving, but the rabbit population is way down.

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