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Another movie question, but this may be the WORST movie ever!

Asked by syz (35897points) December 29th, 2008

One late night after work (about 4am), I caught the middle of an old sci-fi movie. The style was similar to Flash Gordon , but somehow older looking. The “scientists” stumbled around above ground on hummocks or hills that were clearly modeled after breasts and then somehow wound up below ground interacting with a race of beings made up of poo (actors actually wearing poo costumes). Everytime I try to describe this movie to anyone, they accuse me of recreational drug use. Can anyone help me with identifying this classic bit if cinema?

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It’s not Monsturd

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Yeah! That’s it!! Oh my God, someone actually funded this thing?!?

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heehee. sometimes, humans are awesome.

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Wow…I might want to have waited a little bit later after eating dinner to see that :-)

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“Must be some kind of penisaurus…”




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Well all I can think of is 3:44 on this video

Good ol’ 90’s.

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plan 9 from outer space

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