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Can someone die of 3000mg of vitamin c at one doseage?

Asked by yolanda (1points) December 29th, 2008

bottle said 1000mg daily dose

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nope, i asked a pharmacist friend of mine once, he said its pretty much impossible to overdose on vitamins.

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Nope, I used to take 5 grams a day w/o any problems. Maybe no help either.

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I ate a whole bottle of childrens gummi multivitamins because they tasted good. I never felt better. I think I ate in excess of 10,000mg of vitamin C plus all the other vitamins and had no ill effects.

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Arrrrrgh you’ll never get the survey.

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That’s not quite true, LKidKyle. You can’t OD on water soluble vitamins (which includes C) because they are flushed out in the urine, but non-water soluble vitamins can be an issue (they accumulate in the body).

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Like syz says (or like syz sez), you’ll pee the extra C out. You may end up with a whopping case of diarrhea, though.

Fat soluble vitamins (like vitamin A) can build up in your system and eating a whole bottle of iron-enriched vitamins can actually kill you. There is – or used to be – a trend on one of the Arizona Indian Reservations for teenaged girls to to kill themselves by downing their entire bottle of prenatal vitamins. So use prudence and caution when swallowing pills.

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So, no, you cannot OD on vitamin C. I would add that in addition to excess iron being dangerous, ingestion of excess vitamin D or calcium can also be life threatening. The vitamin D essentially leads to excess calcium (hypercalcemia), so the signs and symptoms are the same.

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no, you will just pee it out

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One guy took 20,000mg a day and then 30,000mg whenever he had a cold. The worst it can do it give you diarrhea and increase chance of kindey stones. That’s the worst mind you.

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