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Contacting Madonna: What label is she with now?

Asked by jjpet (14points) September 14th, 2007

Or is there any free way to obtain her email address?

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I know that she owns her own record label called Maverick. You might want to try contacting her through that outlet.

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Disregard earlier answer…turns out she sold her shares in Maverick. I think if you pay some money (not sure how much) you can get her contact info from:

Good Luck!

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She is also represented by CAA (Creative Artists Agency), so you can always try writing to her there as well.

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what do you want to say to her, may I ask?

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I’ve found these snail mail addresses so far, and have written to the first: c/o Warner Bros. Records Inc.
P.O. Box 6868
Burbank, CA 91510
Creative Artists Agency
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067
and have already lost the place in Soho in the UK where she can supposedly reached. It’s morning now, and I’ve totally forgotten where that came from… ring a bell, anyone?

Ezraglen,I had what I think is a really good suggestion for a young, well-known actress who might play a teenage role in a movie about Madonna’s life. Does that interest any of you? I think it would be very entertaining and show us more sides of the legend. So I’ve suggested it to her.

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have u seen that documentary “truth or dare” about madonna on tour? Quite interesting and surreal.

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She just signed a deal with the promoter ‘Live Nation’ and is not with a ‘label’ as such any more. Your best bet is to go through her management.

You could always just go jogging in Knightsbridge early in the morning and hope her body guards are in a good mood. (i’m kidding…do NOT do that).

When you are as mega as M is, getting ‘in touch’ with her is very very difficult.

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