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Any recommendations for a scooter?

Asked by hossman (3261points) September 14th, 2007

When the weather’s nice I want to save some gas and ride a scooter to work. It needs to be able to do 55–60 mph, and it shouldn’t be too small, because I don’t want to look like a watermelon on a rollerskate. Any ideas?

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I also don’t want to have to get a motorcycle license.

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How about getting a bike and turning into a zucchini rather than a watermelon? And, no peach cobblers from me, BTW, now that you have been so candid about your avoirdupois.

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If you don’t want to get a motorcycle license, it’s going to be hard to find a scooter that can do that kind of speed. The 50cc Vespas don’t require licenses in most states, but I’m not sure that it can hit 55mph. You may have to compromise on one of those two things.

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my zapino electric scooter only hits 35 mph, but it can go 40 miles or so on a charge and charges overnight in a regular electrical outlet. no gas, no oil, no noise… worth a look.

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The distance is a bit far for a bike to be a realistic option, especially since I will frequently be traveling after dark (I’ve never been satisfied with bike visibility at night) and have heavy loads of books. I couldn’t eat the peach cobbler because of my diabetes, not my weight, but I would certainly love to admire it, smell it, and have one small bite. My doc said last week I’m getting the diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and weight under control, and if I drop another 25 lbs. I can stop medication.

Is a motorcycle license required in Illinois for a 150 cc scooter?

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Thanks for the info, samkusnetz, I checked out the zapino, and though it is cute, driving on this partially highway route at that speed would probably get me run over. And as I am dangerously close to the maximum payload of that scooter, it probably isn’t a good bet for me. Anybody know anything about a Piaggio MP3?

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In Illinois, you would still need a motorcycle license for a 150cc motorcycle, but it’s a class L not a class M license . I drive a Vespa, which is a Piaggio brand. The brand is very good, though I don’t know anyone who is driving the MP3—maybe because it is quite pricey. Before committing to any brand, I would make sure that there are mechanics in your area who can work on it. Vespas (and I believe all Piaggios) require a specific brand of tools to work on them, and many motorcycle/scooter repair shops don’t have them, so it can be very difficult to find someone authorized to work on the scooter, which is frustrating.

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Thanks for the tips. The MP3 interests me, despite the price, as inherently more stable than ordinary scooters. All the Vespas and Piaggios seem pricey. The tiny scooter sam recommended would definitely make me look like a furry watermelon on a roller skate.

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ah, yes. the zapino is not legal on highways. good luck, and tell us what you come up with!

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I was at the Piaggio dealer today, and I was talking with the owner about the MP3. She said it was super-cool, and a lot of fun,and can go on highways but 1) is not necessarily more stable and 2) will definitely require a motorcycle license.

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My scooter handles very well.I bought it on Mega motor…love the seat and storage areas. I live rural and use it mostly on country roads in not such great condition…goes over the ruts great…handles nice around corners.
Highly recommend this bike for beginners….handles great,quick get up and go, love the color, very visable on the road, excellent price for what you get.

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