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What did you get YOURSELF for Christmas?

Asked by susanc (16139points) December 30th, 2008

I got dark-brown flannel sheets at Target, $20. Delicious. They have the kitty and me convinced that we’re bears.

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A trip to the dentist.

Please note, this is an awesome gift to self.

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The ONLY good presents I get come from me. This year it was a camera.

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New washer and dryer. Oh how awesome it will be when they arrive.

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A class “A” tube guitar amp head. I already had an extra 4×12 cab sitting around, and it needed a hat.

It’s loud.

Thank you, me!

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a new DVD player… cheapie… I couldn’t find the remote to mine and I got 6 different seasons of TV shows on DVD. lol I needed a functional player.

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Songs from iTunes.

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I gave myself and O!

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A heated electric shiatsu back massager. :-)

Also a new digital camera so I can resume selling stuff on eBay and a second-hand backup laptop (mine has serious problems, and so do I when I can’t get on the Internet).

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A rugburn. =P

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Nothing :(

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320 Gigabytes of hard drive goodness.

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Band of Brothers on bluray. Even better, I got it a stock clearance bankruptcy sale so it was very cheap.

I’m gonna try and get myself the Matrix trilogy for new years from the same place.

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5 extra pounds :)

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A GPS unit, and all of the gifts from my husband.

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…a shortened visit with my family…..

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Pair of Kenneth Cole shoes ON SALE!!!!!! Oh yeah baby. It’s a wonderful thing.

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A camera and a Spyder cold weather jacket. Yay!

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