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Why is marijuana illeagal?

Asked by SpTaAiYd (65points) December 30th, 2008

I just don’t think there is any good reason.

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I think Pineapple Express explained it best.

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you’ll find out when you mature :)

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haha. ah, pineapple express. that movie was pretty hilarious and james franco- hot. sorry, to not have a response for you, other than people would probably abuse it even more, if it was more easy to get a hold of.

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I don’t even smoke it and I don’t believe there is any good reason. If weed is illegal, alcohol should be, too. No arguments attempting to make me believe otherwise will ever work. Some of our laws are ridiculous.

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Because of the paper industry.

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I started to answer and read DrasticDreamer’s response. Nothing to add there, well said. I wholeheartedly agree.

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Harry J. Anslinger

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I agree with Drastic… alcohol is probably worse than weed. Nobody gets high on weed and then gets in a fight. They just get hungry, horny or sleepy.

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Racism, Harry Anslinger, WR Hearst, Henry Ford.

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Inertia, racism and industry. Basically.

Here is some interesting info.

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Because it makes you spell “illegal” incorrectly.

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Seriously though, I can’t get over the fact that alcohol is legal and pot isn’t. These bizarre systems we’ve architected for our safety.

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Marijuana was made illegal in the 1930’s in the U.S. because two beuracrats owned large stakes in pulp paper factories. Hemp paper was cheaper to make and a better paper. They pulled some strings and made it illegal. Basically they illegalized it because they were powerful and wanted a monopoly on pulp paper instead of better cheaper hemp paper that cut into their profits.They also made up propaganda to scare the public with lies of people doing crazy things on weed hence “Reefer Madness” propaganda movies to scare the public even though the movie showed pot in a light that was not true at all.

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That too. It was a coincidental mix of financial and societal pressures.

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@iwamoto: There’s something so brilliant about your comment next to a photo of you with paper hanging out of your nose. ;)

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War. On. Drugs. = $$$$$

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@iwamoto: I have to agree with richardhenry on that one… Heh. ;)

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Heres a great video giving the history of marijuana and how it became illegal. Well worth watching if you have an hour to kill.

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Because it makes the longest lasting clothes, paper, and it can be grown almost anywhere very cheap. Half of the worlds manufacturers would lose business.

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Alcohol is worse than weed. You can become dependent on both (don’t believe there’s no such thing as marijuana addiction—there is). But alcohol abuse is much uglier and more dangerous.

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youtube “katt williams – weed”

here it is, vulgar though

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well, i had a nosebleed on that one, but in all seriousness, when you mature you know where to make jokes and where to go to school instead of doing drugs because you think it makes you look cool and mature….

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@iwamoto who said we were doing drugs because we think it makes us look cool? How about because we enjoy them?

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if you enjoy it you just use them responsively at home, like we do here in holland, not at parties or something, no, just as a recliner if for some reason you feel that need to intoxicate yourself…i really don’t see how anyone could enjoy drugs of any kind really

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I’m just posted.

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Because it has the ability to turn basic scotch tape into the aurora borealis.

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@iwamoto: Ever had surgery? Been sedated? Had a headache? Sprained an ankle? Upset your stomach? Had a fever? Couldn’t breathe? Had an allergic reaction? Been depressed?

Any kind of drugs? Really?

Blanket statements make me sad. I’m only taking issue with the phrasing, not your message. :)

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been sedated a few times for surgery, it was god awfull, the last time i took any kind of medicine has been a few years ago for an allergie, it’s not like i’m against them, it’s just that i don’t like taking them myself really

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@iwamoto why do i have to limit my drug use to only in my house if i can still be responsible with it?

And of course you dont understand how anyone could enjoy drugs, you havent taken them. Thats like me saying i have no clue how anyone could eat peanut butter.

im allergic.

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just pass it ‘pon the left-hand side.

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@peedub, my life goal is to see aurora borealis in person (:

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Me too! Maybe we should get really ripped and fuck around with scotch tape in dark room.

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@uber: Interesting way of putting it. That’s actually the reason I went from being so fucking anti drug Nancy Reagan would adopt me to who I am now. More open-minded, more tolerant, and more aware of who I am as a person. Not to mention more aware of how drugs affect the world and people around me. It occurred to me when I was 18 that I was spouting a lot of facts with no personal experience. And I couldn’t very well look down on my friends or peers if I didn’t even stop to consider their side.

Long story short, I got some weed (surprisingly easy for someone who had no contacts hehe), smoked up and spent a month totally baked that year. Then I was over it. It has wonderful health benefits for me, but mostly it’s a nice way to relax every couple months, just smoke and go outside and stargaze, or whatever.

Now that I have some experience under my belt with drugs, not just marijuana, I’m totally with you about being confined to your home. Ridiculous. Besides, 90% of the time you don’t even want to move. :-p

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@asmonet exactly. im to lazy to go anywhere most of the time anyway, but if someone tries to take away my shroom nature walks, we’re going to have a problem :P

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@uber: word.

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i actually laughed out loud hahaha, yes we should!

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