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Has anyone out there found a really great website that focuses on low-fat, high protein, healthy recipes?

Asked by jhigh (2points) January 2nd, 2009

Preferably something that actually tastes great and doesn’t require all kinds of fancy supplements.

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theres a great website called and it has tons of recipes. You can choose what kind of recipes to choose from like low-fat, and healthy.

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Bythebay has definitely nailed a good one. The Food Network site is easy and has a lot of great recipes that are easy to make. There’s also a nifty feature where you can type in ingredients you have and it will show you recipes that use them.

One I use all the time is the Cooking Light website. They focus on high-protein, low-fat, simple, good recipes but they also have some more advanced ones if you want to step it up a little.

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